Some developers are more interested in exploring a subject thoroughly and creating multiple games on the same theme. Unicum decided to stick with the old-school Russian cartoon world for Rabbit Money Chase after Wolf Money Chase. What could happen if you changed the hero and kept the same rules but added new bonuses?

Rabbit Money Chase will only feel familiar to some Western players. The Game is an excellent choice for new players, as it presents a variety of bonus games, allowing them to play at varying levels, and has incredibly dynamic gameplay. Check out our full review of the Game.

Old-School Aesthetics

Rabbit Money Chase takes place in the 2D colorful universe of Wolf Money Chase. The reels appear set in a giant amusement park with colorful flags. If you are familiar with the original cartoon, you may feel nostalgic when spinning the reels.

Rabbit Money Chase is not a popular slot machine, but it works like any other. The old-school look makes it unique unless you’ve played Wolf Money Chase. We’ll look beyond the graphics to see how Rabbit Money Chase feels when the reels start spinning.

Rabbit or Wolf

Rabbit Money Chase is similar to its Wolf counterpart, with five reels and 21 paylines. This Game also offers a top bet of 2100 coins and a mini-game to gamble after every winning spin to double your prize instantly. Rabbit Money Chase includes an automatic play mode that will help you earn extra money.

The paytable for Rabbit Money Chase looks similar to Wolf Money Chase. It has a few card icons and some characters from the original Russian cartoon. The base game’s top prize is a very generous x5000 jackpot. This cannot be easy to reach. Rabbit Money Chase is a medium-volatility game with the potential for many surprises.

A Little Extra Help

Rabbit Money Chase does not stop there: the wolf symbol is a wildcard, ready to substitute the basic symbols anywhere it appears in the Game. This is a classic bonus that can be very helpful. Unlike many other slots, wilds stacked on reel three and wild combinations have no specific value.

Rabbit Money Chase includes two scatters. The wolf scatters will trigger the Rope course game, where you must help the wolf reach the balcony to catch the rabbit. Three rabbit scatters start the Hide ‘n Click Game. You have to choose the television on which the rabbit has been hidden. The lucky winners of both games could win some huge prizes.

Twin Brothers

Rabbit Money Chase & Wolf Money Chase should be very obvious. Each slot was designed to complement the other based on a cartoon character. The two places differ mainly in the bonus games. Rabbit Money Chase is more reliant on mini-challenges than the other.

Rabbit In The Hat is a Microgaming video slot featuring a different animal. This video slot, which is based on classic magic tricks and the world of showbiz, will be challenging to play with only nine paylines. A higher RTP and a generous bonus of free spins will compensate for this.

Original Look, Great Mini Games

Rabbit Money Chase is unlike any other slot game you’ve ever seen. Rabbit Money Chase is likely to be unfamiliar to players in the Western Hemisphere. However, we found it fun and rewarding.

Rabbit Money Chase is a game where playing big can lead to big wins. This is what high rollers are always looking for. Wilds greatly helped us in the base game, even though scatters were rare. They can be stacked up to three reels, increasing your chances.

Robinson Slot

Players will require to use their wits to navigate back to civilization. They can also win some cash.

Robinson, a Unicum video slot game, combines impressive 3D animations and a wide range of gameplay with some surprises. A few big wins will encourage many players to try the Game.

Read this review to learn more about Robinson before spinning the reels.

Tropical Paradise

Robinson is a slot machine with the most impressive graphics available today.

Bamboo surrounds the reels in the middle of the screen. The background is filled with details. The tropical landscape includes a vast blue sea, shipwrecks, palm trees, etc. As you spin the reels, several animated characters will appear and disappear. Only the command bar at the bottom is out of place.

Robinson is a mix of a 3D immersive environment and a slot-machine layout.

Make the best start possible.

Robinson offers simple yet complete gameplay, with the command buttons conveniently located under the reels.

Choose from 1, 5, 9, 15, or 31 paylines to play across the five reels. You can choose a bet and select as many paylines as you want before the Game starts. In Robinson, your goal is to find activated symbols on paylines. This will lead to cash prizes along the way. After a winning streak, you can try to double it by playing a simple gambling game. This Game is optional.

Robinson’s rewards are determined by the symbols you have found and the money you have bet on the reels. You can win more if you bet extra. Click the Bet Max controller to go all-in on your next chance. Autostart will make the reels spin automatically. You can choose to have your bet spin repeatedly.

Tropical Fauna & Flora

Understanding the paytable will help you survive and prosper on Robinson Island. Combinations of 2, 3, 4, and 5 icons can trigger cash prizes. Here are some examples of rewards based on an initial bet of 1 credit.

The most common icons include barrels, signposts, wooden chests, and telescopes. The combinations are worth between 5 and 50 credits at first, but if you’re lucky, they can yield many small rewards.

Robinson is also featured in the remainder of this menu. It includes local plants and animals as well as some natives. The maximum payout in the ground game is 10,000 credits. This is a generous amount.

There are many ways to win when you least expect it

Robinson has more to offer than just the standard reel symbols. The Game’s wild card is a seemingly innocuous can of metal. It can be used to complete extra wins by substituting it for any of the standard symbols.

Look out for the shipwreck icon as well. Combining these bonus symbols will activate a mini-game that gives you a chance to escape the island and win big.

The last bonus symbol is a bottle of rum with some food. You will be rewarded handsomely for helping the locals prepare a tasty meal to survive another day.

Quite a few rewards for the unusual

Robinson is an original slot machine that stands out for its 3D graphics. Players can also customize their settings in the Game.

You can make your Game even more successful by adding some big wins. Robinson’s character design may differ from everyone’s taste, but a 10,000-credit big win is available from the base game.